Cody Rigsby Breakup With Andres Alfaro

Cody Rigsby Breakup With Andres Alfaro


Cody Rigsby is reportedly set to leave the WNBA as he has agreed to terms with the Sacramento Kings. The move comes in the aftermath of a reported Cody Rigsby breakup with Andres Alfaro. who was Rigsby’s girlfriend for over a year?

Cody Rigsby Andres Alfaro Breakup

Cody Rigsby and Andres Alfaro have broken up. The couple, who have been together for two years.  He decided to end their relationship after they came to discover. That they were incompatible with each other.

The pair first met while working on the same show in Houston back in 2018. They bonded over their mutual love of dance and choreography. Which led them down a path towards becoming more than just friends; but as time went on it became clear that Cody’s career was taking off while Andres wasn’t able to find success as quickly as he wanted or expected.

“I felt as if I had started to open up a gate for him,” he told Several people magazine. “He always said he wanted me in his life forever—and I liked to think we were both heading somewhere, so why would you want me out?” he continued. But then something happened.”

Cody Rigsby Dating Someone New?

You may have heard that Cody Rigsby breakup, but this was not mutual. In fact, the two were in a long-term relationship for many years before things went south.

Andres Alfaro is now single and reportedly looking for love again after his Cody Rigsby breakup however, she has not been linked to anyone new yet.

In a recent interview, Alfaro was asked about his break up with Cody Rigsby and he said that it was mutual. He also stated that they are still friends and their relationship is great. They both want different things out of life at this point, but they remain good friends.

Cody Rigsby Andres Relationship

The pair were engaged for several years before they decided to call it quits. They started dating in October 2017 and got engaged on April 17th of this year. They were planning on getting married next summer at the beach in Bali. The couple lived together in Colorado Springs while attending Pikes Peak Community College, where both studied business management.

They had recently moved to Boulder, Colorado where they were living together as a married couple. The two were planning on moving to Bali next summer so they could continue their lives together in paradise.

Cody Rigsby Getting Engaged?

Cody Rigsby has been dating Andres Alfaro, a professional dancer on Dancing With The Stars since June 2017. They met through mutual friends who worked together at a studio in New York City.

The couple has been very open about their relationship on social media and even shared kissing photos of each other while they were still dating. When asked about how long they’ve been together, Cody said that he knew her for over two years before admitting: “We’re engaged!”

The exact reason behind the breakup is yet to be revealed.

The exact reason behind the breakup is yet to be revealed. However, some sources claim that Cody Rigsby and Andres Alfaro split because of their busy schedules and conflicting work schedules.

The couple has been spotted together several times but neither of them have confirmed anything about their relationship status. But it seems like they have not taken any step forward as both of them are busy with their careers so we can’t expect any kind of announcement from them soon.

Cody’s last class was on June 11th, which was Dance Off Day for him.

Cody’s last class was on June 11th, which was Dance Off Day for him. Andres Alfaro also attended Cody’s last dance class and was in the same class as him.

Alfaro remembers Cody having a lot of fun during this last class, and he said that Cody was really enjoying himself. -Andres also said that all of the kids were having fun and laughing together during Dance Off Day.

-Andres Alfaro said that Cody was “just like a regular kid” and that he had a lot of fun with the other kids. Andres also said that Cody would often play jokes on him during class, which made him laugh.


In summary, Alfaro’s departure from Cody Rigsby was the result of a breakdown in the relationship. They were both open about how their friendship had changed and how they were no longer able to be together after they realized they no longer had anything in common. Cody Rigsby breakup that occurred because one partner felt he or she needed space from another person and found it necessary to move on with their own life as soon as possible before things started getting awkward again.


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