GoOats Net Worth 2022: Did Shark Tank Work With Go Oats?

GoOats Net Worth 2022: Did Shark Tank Work With Go Oats?

GoOats are a delicious and nutritious snack that can be prepared in less than five minutes. They come in several flavors, including the original. Cinnamon raisin, and cookies & cream. GoOats net worth is made with 100% organic oats. Which means they are free from GMOs and other additives. The company has plans to expand its product line over time by adding new flavors as well as more products. That cater towards healthy living lifestyles such as salads or wraps!

GoOats Net Worth: What The Future Holds

GoOats Net Worth 2022:

It is a great product, and it’s been a very profitable business for Shark Tank. The company has had more than 50,000 sales since its creation in 2016. This year alone, they’ve sold over 100,000 units of their oatmeal packets! They’re also continuing to expand their distribution network so that more people can get access to GoOats’ premium-quality oats—and those who already have it can buy more at lower prices if they like what they see on the market today (which will probably happen soon). In addition to being delicious and nutritious (and affordable), GoOats has other benefits such as helping with digestion issues due to allergies or intolerances; reducing inflammation; strengthening bones by increasing calcium absorption; aiding weight loss; improving athletic performance; lowering blood pressure levels…the list goes on!

Investments from Shark Tank

Mark Cuban, Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary were the first investors to invest $1 million each into GoOats. They were joined by Barbara Corcoran shortly thereafter in a round of investment that raised $5 million for the company. The investment allowed GoOats to expand their product line and hire more employees.

How did Go Oats get started?

GoOats was founded by a mother who was looking for healthy breakfast options for her kids. She created GoOats to be a healthy, convenient and delicious alternative to cereal. Since its launch in 2016, the company has grown rapidly and today is one of the most popular online retailers of oats in the US, as well as Canada and Australia.

What makes GoOats stand out from other companies? They offer a wide range of products including single serving packs (which you can easily take with you), snack bars and even protein shakes!

More About the History of Go Oats

Go Oats was founded in 2015 by two brothers, Mike and Josh Gollner. They were inspired to start Go Oats after a friend of theirs started selling oatmeal and became successful. The goal of the company was to create an oatmeal product that tasted better than competitors’ products while also being affordable and accessible to everyone.

Go Oats’ first product was called “The Original.” It’s made with rolled oats, brown sugar, pecans and walnuts—all ingredients that are commonly found in other types of oatmeals (like Quaker). The goal here was not only making sure it tasted good but also keeping costs low for consumers; after all if you’re buying something expensive then chances are there’s going be some extra cost involved which can make things difficult for someone trying save money!

GoOats are delicious and nutritious.

GoOats are delicious and nutritious. They’re made from oats, which makes them a great source of fiber. You’ll get all your daily dose of carbs, protein and fiber in one bowl! The cereal is also low on sugar (3 grams per cup), so you can feel good about eating it after a long day at work or school. And don’t worry—the grains will keep feeling full even as they begin to settle in your stomach after eating them too many times during the day!


Go Oats is a healthy snack that you can enjoy in many different ways. This means you don’t have to feel guilty about eating them because they are so nutritious and delicious! Whether you’re looking for something quick or want to make an impact on your health, GoOats net worth are perfect for everyone.


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