What is Another Name for Guest Posting?

What is Another Name for Guest Posting?


Guest posting, a strategy as old as the blogosphere itself, entails an individual writing and publishing a blog post on another’s website or blog. This venerable tactic of content marketing and SEO, often cloaked in a myriad of terminologies, serves multiple purposes from link building to authority establishment.

The Lexicon of Guest Posting: Synonyms and Variants

The nomenclature of guest posting is as varied as its applications. Synonyms include “guest blogging,” “contributory posting,” and “external content contribution.” Each term, while orbiting the same conceptual sun, provides a nuanced understanding of the motive and methodology behind the practice.

Content Syndication: A Close Kin to Guest Posting

Content syndication, a term often used interchangeably with guest posting, involves republishing the same piece of content on various platforms. While it shares the ethos of widening reach and authority with guest posting it specifically connotes the distribution of previously housed content to new locales.

Contributor Publishing: A Collaborative Term of Guest Posting

Contributor publishing emphasizes the collaborative nature of guest posting. It suggests a symbiotic relationship between the contributor and the host, focusing on the mutual benefits of shared content, be it brand exposure, expanded reach, or enriched content diversity.

Bylined Articles: The Personal Touch

Bylined articles are guest posts that prominently feature the author’s name, typically at the beginning of the piece. This term accentuates personal branding and authority building, as the content is indelibly linked to the creator’s identity, expertise, and reputation.

Op-Ed Contributions: From a Guest Perspective

Originating from traditional print media, “op-ed contributions” refer to opinion pieces written by guest authors for the editorial page. In the digital realm, this term has transcended to denote any guest-authored article that offers a distinct viewpoint or commentary, enriching the host’s content with diverse perspectives.

Thought Leadership Columns: The Expert’s Share

Thought leadership columns are a prestigious form of guest blogging where industry leaders and experts contribute pieces that illuminate, predict, or challenge aspects within their domain. This term conveys a higher echelon of content, aimed at shaping or swaying industry conversation and direction.


Guest blogging, regardless of the terminology used to describe it, remains an integral and dynamic facet of content marketing. Whether referred to as content syndication, bylined articles, or any other variant. It encapsulates a strategy of sharing, learning, and influencing. Understanding the nuances behind each term allows content creators and marketers to more effectively leverage the tactic. Tailoring their approach to suit their specific goals and the vernacular of their target audience.


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