Choosing the Best Chromebook Charging Cart for Your Needs

Choosing the Best Chromebook Charging Cart for Your Needs

In this article, you will learn key factors like capacity, cord management, and lockable doors to consider when selecting a Chromebook charging cart. Reviews of top-rated carts from trusted brands will help you make the ideal choice to meet your school’s needs and budget. You will also discover the best online retailers to purchase from with confidence. Equipped with this knowledge, you can provide your learning community with a high-quality charging solution.

What Is a Chromebook Charging Cart?

A Chromebook charging cart is a storage cabinet with built-in charging slots designed to charge and secure multiple Chromebook laptops. These carts allow schools and businesses to keep Chromebooks organized and charged when not in use.

Power and Charging

The most important feature of a charging cart is its ability to fully charge connected devices. Look for a cart that can charge at least 30 Chromebooks at once at a minimum of 2.1 amps per port for efficient charging. Higher amperage per port, such as 3 amps or more, will charge Chromebooks even faster. For the best results, choose a cart with an industrial power strip and surge protection to handle the high power needs.

Storage and Security

Chromebook Charging Cart

Chromebook charging carts should also securely store the laptops to prevent theft or damage. Look for a cart with sturdy steel construction, locking doors or panels, and slots or dividers to keep each Chromebook in place. Some carts offer additional security features like built-in cable locks to physically lock the cart in place. For the most protection, choose a cart with tamper-resistant locking mechanisms.


If you need to move the charging cart between locations, look for a model with heavy-duty casters for easy mobility. The cart should roll smoothly even when fully loaded and have a way to lock the wheels in place for stationary use. Some carts also offer handlebars or grips on one end to help maneuver the cart.

A high-quality Chromebook charging cart with ample charging, robust storage, and secure mobility solutions will keep your devices powered, organized, and protected when not in active use. With the right charging cart for your needs, you can ensure your Chromebooks are ready to use whenever and wherever required.

How Many Chromebooks Fit in a Cart?

When selecting a charging cart for your Chromebooks, one of the most important factors to consider is how many devices it can hold. Chromebook cart sizes typically range from 20 to 40 slots, with some higher capacity options holding 50 or more. The number of Chromebooks you need to charge will depend on how many students will be using the devices and how often they will need access to them.

For a typical classroom setting, a cart that holds between 20 to 30 Chromebooks should suit most needs. This size offers a good balance of capacity and maneuverability. Carts on the higher end of this range, around 28 to 30 slots, provide the flexibility to charge extra devices when needed for special projects or events. Smaller carts with 20 to 24 slots may be suitable if Chromebook use is limited to a few times per week.

Larger carts with 36 slots or more are best for charging Chromebooks that will be used heavily by multiple classes or grade levels. While these high-capacity carts require more space and can be more difficult to move around, they minimize the need to swap out Chromebooks to charge mid-day. For computer labs, media centers, and other locations where many Chromebooks will be in near-constant use, a cart with 40 or 50 slots helps ensure all devices remain charged and ready for student use.

Key Features to Look for in a Quality Chromebook Cart

When choosing a charging cart for your Chromebooks, there are several key features to consider. Look for a cart that will keep your devices powered, organized, and secure.

Power Management

The most important function of a Chromebook cart is to charge your devices. Look for a cart with enough power outlets and charging bays to accommodate all of your Chromebooks. Choose a model with an advanced power management system to prevent circuit overloads. An energy efficient cart will cut down on wasted power when the Chromebooks are not charging.

Device Organization

An organized cart will make it easy to store, access, and track your Chromebooks. Look for adjustable shelves or trays to keep the devices neatly in place. A cart with a cable management system will prevent tangled cords. Some carts offer removable trays so you can group devices by class or user. An LED display can show the charging status and slot assignments for all devices at a glance.

Safety and Security

Invest in a cart that will properly secure your Chromebooks and protect them from damage or theft. Look for sturdy doors that lock to prevent unauthorized access. Slotted vents allow for airflow without compromising security. Choose a fire-resistant cart made of steel for maximum protection. Consider a cart with a motion alarm to detect tampering or the wheels lock to prevent it from rolling away.

Chromebook Charging Cart

By considering these key features, you can find a Chromebook cart that meets the power, organization, and security needs of your devices. A quality cart will give you peace of mind knowing your Chromebooks are charged, accessible, and protected when not in use. With the right cart, you can keep your digital classroom running smoothly.

Top Chromebook Cart Brands and Models

Choosing a charging cart for your Chromebook fleet is an important decision that requires careful consideration of your specific needs and budget. There are several reputable brands that produce high-quality carts designed specifically for Chrome OS devices.


Ergotron is a leader in charging cart solutions and their Chromebook model can accommodate up to 32 devices. An AC power strip provides ample charging for each device and cable management clips keep cords organized. Rolling casters make it easy to move the cart between rooms. Ergotron carts are durable and long-lasting, though they do come at a higher price point.


For a more budget-friendly option, Anthro carts provide efficient charging for up to 36 Chromebooks. While the build quality may not match the premium Ergotron brand, Anthro carts are a popular and dependable choice for many schools. They offer cable management, ventilation, and a sturdy steel frame.


Bretford carts are another trusted and affordable brand, with models that can hold 20 to 36 Chrome OS devices. They provide built-in cable management and an open design for easy access to each device. The carts lock for security and have a vented back panel for cooling. The smaller 20-device cart may suit those with limited space.


When choosing a charging cart for Chromebooks, it is important to consider your specific needs and budget. Look for durable construction, adequate storage capacity, and smart power management. Leading brands like Bretford and Luxor offer quality carts with solid warranties. Compare prices online to find the best deals. Consider buying from reputable sellers like Amazon, CDW, and Staples for reliable service. With the right charging cart, you can securely store, charge, and transport a classroom set of Chromebooks. Careful selection will provide a long-lasting solution that enhances your learning environment. Investing in a high-quality cart demonstrates your commitment to integrating technology into education.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chromebook Carts

How many Chromebooks can a cart hold?

Chromebook carts are available in a variety of sizes to suit different needs. The number of devices a cart can hold typically ranges from 10 to 40 Chromebooks. For most classrooms, a cart that holds between 20 to 30 Chromebooks should work well and provide enough devices for students to use. If you need to charge and store a large number of Chromebooks, you may want to consider a larger cart or purchasing multiple smaller carts.

How do the Chromebooks charge in the cart?

Chromebook charging carts provide built-in charging for the devices. The cart will have numbered slots or compartments for each Chromebook, with an AC power adapter or USB cable in each slot to charge the device. The charging cart is plugged into a wall outlet to provide power to all of the slots. Some carts use a power strip inside the cart, while others have a built-in power distribution system. The Chromebooks can charge while stored in the cart when not in use.

How long does it take to charge the Chromebooks?

The time it takes to fully charge the Chromebooks in a cart depends on the number of devices charging at once. In most cases, it will take between 3 to 5 hours to fully charge 20 or 30 Chromebooks. The cart provides enough power to all slots to charge the devices efficiently. However, it is best to leave the Chromebooks charging in the cart overnight when possible. So they are ready for use the next school day. Some carts also have timers that can automatically turn off the charging after a certain time period to avoid overcharging the batteries.

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