How can you explain Destiny 2 operation seraphs shield?

How can you explain Destiny 2 operation seraphs shield?

Destiny 2 Operation Seraphs Shield


Destiny 2 Operation Seraphs Shield is a significant event within the universe, taking place during the Season of the Worthy. It revolves around the Guardians’ efforts to defend the Last City on Earth from a looming threat orchestrated by the Cabal, led by their commander, Emperor Calus. This discussion will provide a detailed overview of Destiny 2 Operation Seraphs Shield, covering its key aspects and subheadings.

I. Background and Setting

A. Season of the Worthy: 

Destiny 2 Operation Seraphs Shield takes place during the Season of the Worthy, a specific season. Each season introduces a new storyline, activities, and challenges for players to engage with. The Season of the Worthy was focused on the Guardians’ response to a significant threat from the Cabal and their efforts to protect the Last City on Earth.

B. Cabal Threat: 

The Cabal, a formidable alien race known for their military prowess, pose a grave threat to humanity in the Destiny 2 universe. Led by their commander, Emperor Calus, they have launched a massive weapon known as the Almighty towards the Last City. The Almighty is an enormous spaceship capable of harnessing the destructive power of the Sun. If it reaches its destination, it would result in the annihilation of the Last City and its inhabitants.

C. Last City on Earth: 

The Last City on Earth is a crucial location within the Destiny 2 Operation Seraphs Shield universe. It serves as the home of the Guardians, the playable characters controlled by the players. The Last City is a sanctuary where humanity has gathered after the collapse of civilization due to various alien threats. It is a fortified bastion, protected by the Guardians and their allies, and is the last remaining stronghold against the forces of darkness.

II. Storyline and Objectives 

A. The Cabal’s Almighty: 

The central focus of Operation Seraph’s Shield is the Cabal’s Almighty, a colossal spaceship weapon constructed by the Cabal Empire. This weapon poses a significant threat to the Last City on Earth, as it is on a collision course with the city, with the intention of obliterating it. The Almighty is a massive structure capable of harnessing the Sun’s energy, potentially leading to devastating consequences if it reaches its target.

The impending arrival of the Almighty creates a sense of urgency and dire circumstances, prompting the Guardians to take immediate action to prevent the destruction of the Last City.

B. Guardian’s Call to Action: 

In response to the imminent threat of the Almighty, the Guardians receive a call to action. The Vanguard leaders, including Zavala, Ikora Rey, and Commander Ana Bray, rally the Guardians and issue a summons to defend the Last City. Guardians from all classes and backgrounds are encouraged to step forward and join the efforts to repel the Cabal invasion.

This call to action brings Guardians together, emphasizing the importance of unity and cooperation in the face of overwhelming odds. Guardians must rise to the occasion, showcasing their skills, bravery, and determination to protect the Last City.

C. Rasputin’s Intervention: 

Rasputin, an ancient and powerful artificial intelligence known as the Warmind, plays a significant role in Operation Seraph’s Shield. Rasputin detects the approaching threat of the Almighty and recognizes the need to assist the Guardians in their defense of the Last City.

III. The Seraph Tower Events

A. Seraph Tower Public Events: 

As part of Operation Seraph’s Shield, Guardians engage in Seraph Tower public events. These events take place in different locations across the solar system, including Earth, the Moon, and Io. Seraph Towers are ancient Golden Age structures reactivated by Rasputin to aid in the defense against the Cabal.

During a Seraph Tower event, Guardians must work together to activate and protect the tower while fending off waves of enemy forces. The objective is to successfully charge the tower by standing on designated plates and defeating enemies within the area. The event requires coordination and teamwork, as multiple plates need to be activated simultaneously to achieve success.

B. Rewards and Progression: 

Participating in Seraph Tower events grants Guardians various rewards and progression opportunities. Successful completion of a Seraph Tower event rewards players with planetary materials, Glimmer (in-game currency), experience points, and other valuable loot.

Additionally, there is a progression system tied to Seraph Towers. Guardians can earn Warmind Bits, a currency used to unlock upgrades and access new activities within the bunkers. By accumulating Warmind Bits, players can enhance their abilities and increase their power level.

C. Completing the Tower Events: 

To successfully complete a Seraph Tower event, Guardians must work together efficiently. Coordination and communication are crucial, as the plates need to be activated simultaneously to charge the tower efficiently. Guardians should prioritize eliminating high-value targets, such as powerful Cabal enemies and Champions, to ensure smooth progression.

IV. Bunkers and Warmind Activities

  1. Introduction of Bunkers: As part of Operation Seraph’s Shield, bunkers are introduced as key locations for Guardians to access and engage in activities related to the defense against the Cabal. Bunkers are underground facilities that were once part of the Golden Age infrastructure. With the reactivation of Rasputin, these bunkers become operational once again, serving as vital command centers for Guardians.

Bunkers are scattered across various locations, including the EDZ (European Dead Zone), Io, and the Moon. Each bunker offers unique challenges, rewards, and activities for Guardians to undertake.

B. Clearing Bunker Challenges: 

Within each bunker, Guardians face specific challenges designed to test their skills and resilience. These challenges are presented as bunker clears, requiring players to defeat waves of enemies, complete objectives, or overcome specific combat scenarios.

Guardians must strategize, utilize their abilities and weapons effectively, and work as a team to clear the bunkers. Successfully completing these challenges rewards players with valuable loot, experience points, and Warmind Bits, which can be used to unlock upgrades and enhance their capabilities.

C. Accessing Warmind Activities: 

By clearing bunker challenges and earning Warmind Bits, Guardians gain access to additional Warmind activities. These activities provide unique gameplay experiences and further contribute to the defense efforts against the Cabal.

V. Seraph Weapons and Upgrades

A. Seraph Weapon System: 

Operation Seraph’s Shield introduces the Seraph Weapon System, a new arsenal of powerful and unique weapons for Guardians to acquire. These weapons are designed with advanced technology and infused with the energy of the Warmind, Rasputin.

Seraph weapons are known for their distinct visual aesthetics and their ability to deal significant damage to enemies. They often feature special perks and abilities that synergize with the Warmind theme, offering enhanced functionality in combat situations.

B. Unlocking Seraph Weapons: 

To obtain Seraph weapons, Guardians must engage in various activities within Operation Seraph’s Shield. These activities include participating in Seraph Tower events, clearing bunker challenges, completing quests, or earning specific achievements throughout the season.

Seraph weapons can be obtained as random drops during these activities or by completing specific objectives tied to the acquisition of each weapon. Guardians can also acquire Seraph weapon engrams, which can be decrypted at the appropriate NPC vendors for a chance to obtain Seraph weapons.

C. Upgrading Seraph Weapons: 

Once obtained, Seraph weapons can be upgraded and enhanced through a progression system tied to the bunkers and Warmind activities. Guardians can spend Warmind Bits, earned through clearing bunker challenges and participating in activities, to unlock upgrades and enhancements for their Seraph weapons.

VI. Legendary Lost Sectors

A. Introduction of Legendary Lost Sectors: 

Operation Seraph’s Shield introduces Legendary Lost Sectors as a new and challenging activity for Guardians. These Lost Sectors are more difficult versions of existing Lost Sectors, featuring tougher enemies, increased power level requirements, and exclusive rewards.

Legendary Lost Sectors provide an additional layer of challenge and a chance for Guardians to earn valuable loot and unique gear. Each Legendary Lost Sector is tied to a specific location and has its own set of modifiers and enemies.

B. Challenging Encounters and Rewards: 

Legendary Lost Sectors offer intense combat encounters and high-stakes gameplay. Guardians must navigate through intricate environments, battle powerful enemies, and overcome challenging encounters to emerge victorious.

Completing a Legendary Lost Sector rewards players with exclusive gear and valuable resources. These rewards often include higher-level weapons and armor, unique mods, and other sought-after items that can significantly enhance a Guardian’s capabilities.

C. Strategies for Success: 

Success in Legendary Lost Sectors requires careful planning, skillful execution, and effective teamwork. Here are some strategies that can aid Guardians in overcoming these challenging encounters:

  1. Power Level: Ensure that your Guardian meets or exceeds the recommended power level for the Legendary Lost Sector. Being underpowered can significantly hamper your chances of success.
  2. Loadout Preparation: Equip weapons and armor that complement your playstyle and have synergistic perks. Consider bringing weapons with elemental advantages against the enemies you will face.
  3. Study the Modifier: Each Legendary Lost Sector has a specific modifier that affects gameplay. Understand the modifier’s mechanics and adjust your playstyle and loadout accordingly. Adaptation is key to success.
  4. Teamwork and Coordination: Consider tackling Legendary Lost Sectors with a fire team for increased coordination and support. Assign roles and communicate effectively to maximize efficiency and survivability.
  5. Cover and Positioning: Make use of cover and tactical positioning to minimize exposure to enemy fire. Take advantage of chokepoints and high ground whenever possible.
  6. Prioritize Targets: Identify high-priority targets, such as Champions or powerful enemies, and focus your fire on them to neutralize threats swiftly.
  7. Supers and Abilities: Coordinate the use of supers and abilities within your fire team to unleash devastating attacks on enemies or to provide support and healing when needed.
  8. Patience and Persistence: Legendary Lost Sectors can be challenging, requiring multiple attempts to master. Stay focused, learn from each attempt, and make adjustments accordingly.

VII. Grandmaster Nightfall:

A. Difficulty Spike: Grandmaster Nightfall: 

The Ordeal is the pinnacle of the Nightfall activity, offering the highest level of challenge in Destiny 2. It is a significantly more difficult version of the regular Nightfall strikes, demanding exceptional skill, coordination, and preparation from Guardians.

The difficulty spike in Grandmaster Nightfall comes in the form of increased enemy power level, numerous modifiers that affect gameplay, and unforgiving mechanics. Enemies hit harder, have more health, and are more resilient, requiring precise execution and efficient teamwork to overcome.

B. Enhanced Rewards: 

Despite the heightened difficulty, Grandmaster Nightfall offers exclusive rewards that make the endeavor worthwhile. Completion of a Grandmaster Nightfall grants Guardians a chance to earn highly sought-after rewards, including powerful pinnacle gear, unique weapons, and exclusive emblems or cosmetics.

The enhanced rewards act as a testament to a Guardian’s skill and perseverance, displaying their mastery of the game’s toughest challenges. The rarity and prestige associated with these rewards make them highly desirable among the Destiny 2 player community.

C. Team Composition and Tactics: 

To tackle Grandmaster Nightfall effectively, careful team composition and strategic tactics are paramount. Here are some considerations for success:

  1. Communication: Maintain constant communication with your fire team. Coordinate movements, share information about enemy locations and mechanics, and call out threats or crucial moments during the run.
  2. Loadout Synergy: Coordinate loadouts with your fire team to ensure a balanced combination of weapon types and subclasses. Consider bringing weapons with anti-Champion mods to deal with specific enemy types encountered in the Nightfall.
  3. Champion Strategies: Grandmaster Nightfall features formidable Champions that require special attention. Assign roles within your fire team to handle Champion disruptions effectively. Coordinate the use of weapons, abilities, and mods to stagger and defeat Champions efficiently.
  4. Modifiers: Study and adapt to the modifiers present in the Nightfall. Modifiers can drastically alter gameplay, impacting player abilities, enemy behavior, or environmental hazards. Adjust your tactics and loadouts to take advantage of favorable modifiers and mitigate the impact of challenging ones.
  5. Revive Strategy: Reviving fallen teammates is critical in Grandmaster Nightfall, as death results in being sent back to orbit. Plan revive rotations, prioritize the safety of revives, and be mindful of the positioning and status of your fire team members.
  6. Patience and Caution: Grandmaster Nightfall rewards a patient and cautious play style. Proceed carefully, scout ahead, and avoid unnecessary risks. Take time to eliminate enemies methodically, ensuring the safety of your fireteam.
  7. Timing and Efficiency: Grandmaster Nightfall has a time limit that adds an extra layer of challenge. Balancing speed and efficiency while maintaining control is crucial. Optimize your movement, utilize shortcuts, and minimize downtime to maximize your chances of success.

Grandmaster Nightfall: 

The Ordeal is the pinnacle of challenging content in Destiny 2. By assembling a skilled fireteam, employing effective tactics, and adapting to the increased difficulty, Guardians can conquer these formidable encounters, earn prestigious rewards, and showcase their mastery of the game’s toughest content.

VIII. The Guardian’s Triumph

A. Taking the Fight to the Almighty: 

In the culmination of Destiny 2 Operation Seraphs Shield Guardians rally together to take the fight directly to the Almighty, the massive Cabal superweapon threatening the Last City on Earth. Armed with the knowledge gained from their efforts in defending the Seraph Towers, clearing bunkers, conquering Legendary Lost Sectors, and overcoming the challenges of Grandmaster Nightfalls, Guardians launch a daring assault on the Almighty.

The assault on the Almighty presents a high-stakes mission, where Guardians must navigate treacherous environments, face elite Cabal forces, and dismantle the defenses of the superweapon. The fate of the Last City hangs in the balance as Guardians deploy their skills, teamwork, and the full power of their arsenal to neutralize this immense threat.

B. Conclusion of the Season: 

The successful conclusion of the assault on the Almighty marks the climactic end of the Season of the Worthy and Operation Seraph’s Shield. Guardians emerge victorious, having overcome numerous trials and challenges throughout the season.

With the defeat of the Almighty, the immediate danger to the Last City is averted, providing a moment of respite and relief for the Guardians and the citizens they protect. The conclusion of the season brings closure to the narrative arc of Operation Seraph’s Shield, providing a sense of accomplishment for the Guardians’ efforts in defending humanity against the Cabal.

C. Lasting Impacts on the Destiny 2 Universe: 

The events of Operation Seraph’s Shield and the assault on the Almighty have lasting impacts on the Destiny 2 universe. The successful defense of the Last City reinforces the Guardians’ position as humanity’s protectors and bolsters the morale of the city’s inhabitants.


Destiny 2 Operation Seraphs Shield was a pivotal event within Worthy. The storyline revolved around defending the Last City from the impending threat of the Cabal’s Almighty, with the Guardians and Rasputin, the Warmind, playing critical roles. Through various activities like the Seraph Tower events, bunker challenges, and Legendary Lost Sectors, players engaged in the defense efforts, earning powerful rewards and upgrading Seraph weapons along the way. The event culminated in the epic Grandmaster Nightfall and a final confrontation with the Almighty, leaving a lasting impact on the Destiny 2 universe.


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