Follow these 13 astrologers right away on Instagram.

Follow these 13 astrologers right away on Instagram.

In these dubious times, a rising number of individuals are seeking the stars for direction. As a result, astrology enters our lives on a daily basis through apps, memes, and social media accounts. When something goes wrong, we know to blame it on Mercury being in retrograde. He deciding when to ask for a raise, we might consult the planetary alignments. When it comes to finding a mate, who hasn’t run a criminal record check on them by means of an interoperability website?

According to Sarah Owen, senior insight strategist at trend forecasters WGSN. “Astrology has today not only become a route for control and assurance. But also a tool to generate routine and rhythm in an otherwise repetitive, disruptive period.” It also gives millennials and members of Generation Z alternative means of learning more about themselves. Where they fit in a confusing and unstable environment.

1. Didi Daze

Brought up in Venezuela, Didi Surprise’s advantage in the stars was first provoked in the wake of going over a book. On the Aquarius model when he was only eight. Quick forward to now and Shock, 21, has developed a major web-based following. Facilitating fledglings with his viral substance and pop stylish.

2. Kesaine Walker

Kesaine Walker, now 35, started learning astrology in Jamaica when she was a teenager. She didn’t start treating her studies seriously. Though, she relocated to New York. Walker, who is also an energy healer, focuses on determining. How the planetary characteristics of the moment may be preventing people from moving forward. How their chakras are affected. I use astrology to complement my spiritual understanding.

3. Marissa Malik

Subsequent to exploring different avenues regarding various types of black magic and brujaría in her adolescents. Marissa Malik began treating soothsaying in a serious way as she contacted her twenties. From that point forward, the London-based DJ, and music maker. And presently crystal gazer, 26, has been sharing her divine insight through stages like Lady Dem and Safe-haven World.”It might be problematic as a peculiar minority to find some way in powerful nature. And soothsaying has wound up the foundation I by and large required,” she says. Reexamining the universe for her millennial fanbase. Malik doesn’t keep away from administrative issues. Regularly finding approaches to the lattice in her socio-political convictions in her work.

4. Randon Rosenbohm

Randon Rosenbohm, 27, first experienced crystal gazing by means of the horoscopes page. In The Times-Picayune, in New Orleans, and later through the similarity device on the now-old From that point forward, Rosenbohm has covered herself in antiquated texts looking for more profound information encompassing the historical backdrop of crystal gazing. Right now situated in Berlin, today Rosenbohm composes horoscopes for Bad habit. “Crystal gazing, similar to confidence, is puzzling. I don’t profess to know how or why it functions. I’m alright with conceding that I don’t necessarily in all cases have replied.”

5. Sonia Ortiz

The writings of Walter Mercado initially drew Sonia Ortiz, a 39-year-old astrologer from Puerto Rico, to the subject of astrology. She describes astrology as a “wireframe” or “evolving blueprint” that is never finished and is constantly altering. You do, in fact, have a foundation for your rising, moon, and sun signs, together with the houses they belong to, but this is only a suggestion of something bigger. Also, there are aspects and transits, which are planetary and zodiacal conjunctions that provide context information for decision-making.

6. Gary D’Andre

Gary D McCrear, 31, first got into soothsaying the manner in which a great many people do: he needed some otherworldly direction. As an eccentric Person of color, experiencing childhood in a profoundly sincere southern family carried with it too much difficulties. As he grew up, he says, “Soothsaying came into my life to assist me with better understanding myself, my ability, and how I might apply it to battle some of my wicked demons.” Thusly, for the beyond four years, McCrear has been directing his endeavors into helping other people track down their own ways.

7. Leona Moon

A job as an editor at a neighbourhood newspaper in San Francisco gave Leona Moon her first exposure to astrology, and she was given the opportunity to create a weekly horoscope. I started learning more about birth charts and astrology, and I immediately felt understood, she remembers. Since then, I have continued since I realised how much astrology could benefit myself and others. The creative memes and pop culture allusions that Moon, 31, is best known for are motivated by her desire to make astrology approachable.

8. Chani Nicholas


Los Angeles-based Chani Nicholas, 45, had her most memorable visionary perusing matured 12, in Canada.She claims, “I felt saw in a way I never had, and the event changed me forever.” From that point forward, she’s been directing her local area, which incorporates Lizzo and Jane Fonda, by means of her horoscopes, live shows, confidential readings and top rated book You Were Brought into the world For This: Crystal gazing for Extremist Self-Acknowledgment (Yellow Kite).

9. Narayana Montúfar


Narayana Montfar, 41, a Mexican native, relocated to San Francisco 14 years ago and was hired as an editorial assistant at She started giving readings to clients after completing classes in astrology, numerology, crystals, and psychic energy. Eventually, she moved to where she is a senior astrologer and editor. Montfar mixes several astrological systems, including Mayan, Vedic, Hellenistic, contemporary, and shamanic, in her readings.

10. Albe Toribio

Albe Toribio, 23, is an occultist who has a long family history. Toribio, a Mexican immigrant who is homosexual and has a disability, found his place in the astrological community in New York. I enjoy telling anecdotes about my life using an astrological perspective, he declares. I inform people of the astrological weather and assist them in navigating whatever craziness the world is about to unleash.

11. Renee Watt

Phoenix-conceived Renee Watt, 33, started her crystal gazing venture around a long time back, in the wake of fiddling with different types of black magic. Compelled to revamp her life after an excruciating separation and defeating her fight with habit, it was crystal gazing that helped her through it. Thus, these individual encounters make her the stargazer she is today. According to her, “each reader’s personality and worldview force them to stand apart from one another.”

12. Lisa Stardust

Stardust, 40, was raised in a new-age household in Manhattan and has always been fascinated by the occult. She is from from a long line of Kabbalistic healers. Stardust, a typical air sign, enjoys democratising astrology and frequently encourages her clients to interpret their own birth charts and astrological transits. She also contributes her typical wit and humour to the horoscopes she writes for Teen Vogue. Astrology need not be difficult, she believes. “Have fun with it. It is a tool to aid in improving self-awareness.

13. Aliza Kelly

A long-term soothsayer, Kelly, 31, entered the expert domain of crystal gazing quite a while back in the wake of sending off her heavenly dating application, Adjust. “Crystal gazing is a groundbreaking instrument,” says the New York local. We have enough perspective to view ourselves fully and completely in relation to the overall context of the cosmos. She is now working on This Is Your Destiny, which is due before the winter of 2021.


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