While sleeping 8 hours per night, you can become a top student.

While sleeping 8 hours per night, you can become a top student.

Today’s students are extremely busy. Very busy. They have homework, projects to finish, extra classes to attend, and other obligations to meet. It’s no surprise that most students are sleep-deprived and find it difficult to live a balanced life.

However, this seems rarely a need.

In this article, I’ll share the first five of ten principles I used to become a top student who slept eight hours a night. Earning a full academic scholarship to Duke University, where I double majored and graduated summa cum laude.

The students who spend the majority of their time on urgent work are the ones that experience constant overwhelm. Usually, it’s the same group of sleep-deprived students! You must concentrate on critical things before they become urgent if you want to be an effective student.

You can accomplish it with the aid of the five guidelines presented in this article. (Remember to check back next week for the remaining five!)

Adhere to a schedule

You should make room for spontaneity in your life. However, you will not be able to achieve maximum productivity unless you have some kind of structure or routine in place.

Developing a weekly routine is one of the most crucial steps toward becoming a top student with a balanced life. Of course, these appointments may change from time to time. However, by doing what your calendar tells you to do, you will have established a solid routine.

Make a list of everything

They do intend “everything” while I tell that.

The phrase “Your brain is a thinking instrument, not a storage device” is used by productivity expert David Allen.

You’ve probably already noticed that your brain doesn’t always remember this type of information accurately. So make an “everything” list and write it all down rather than depending solely on recollection. Use a notepad or a smartphone app like Google Keep if you’d rather.

Prioritize getting enough rest and exercising

Sleep and exercise both enhance memory and learning, according to numerous research. A top student who is driven and focused won’t likely exist if they don’t get adequate sleep and exercise. You’ll probably get sick more frequently as well. My focus, memory, and mood all improved when I made it a point to get eight hours of sleep each night while I was a student. And so did my grades!

Continue your work

I realize that keeping up with your work is easier said than done. Consistency is essential if you want to be a top student who isn’t overly worried, though. To do this, you should do your homework at least a day or two before it is due, scan new material before your teacher discusses it in class, refresh anything you learn afterward the same day, and test understanding frequently.

Emphasis on making effort rather than perfectionism

Students’ perceptions that they aren’t progressing or are progressing too slowly are major factors in their demotivation. This occurs frequently as a result of pupils’ fixation on the intended result rather than the steps required to get there.

You’ll encounter difficulties and setbacks on your path to becoming a top student. tests in which you fare poorly. essays that your teacher finds objectionable group endeavors that end up being a disaster.

It is crucial to keep in mind that development, not perfection, is the intended outcome. How can you be sure to keep your attention on the procedure? By establishing process-based objectives rather than ones based on results.

You could set the following types of process-based objectives:

  • Discover at least five new terms per day by reading one newspaper article.
  • Perform at least two additional math practice problems each day.
  • On academic evenings, get at least six hours of sleep.

You will move closer to becoming a top student as you put the advice and strategies in this article into practice. To read the remaining 5 tenets, check back the following week.


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