What can you say about Dehea Abraham?

What can you say about Dehea Abraham?

Dehea Abraham has two children with rapper Lloyd, Llyod Polite Jr. Although Abraham and Lloyd have been together for a long time, no one is aware of them exchanging wedding vows.

Bio Dehea Abraham’s:

  • Dehea Abraham is her full name.
  • Birthday: October 29th
  • She was born in the United States of America.
  • American is my nationality.
  • She is well-known for being the girlfriend of famed rapper Llyod Polite Jr, aka Lloyd. 

Dehea Abraham, Was She A Model?

Although this has not been confirmed, some assume that Dehea auditioned for runway models early in her career. There are also pictures of her posing for a mugshot for modeling.

Abraham was born on the 29th of October. The kid’s mom, who is a vegetarian and vegan, is Lloyd. According to mythology, Abraham was a gymnast. She has one younger sister and one younger brother, Dante Abraham.

Physical Attributes 

Dehea Abraham is a thin, tall, and attractive woman in her early 30s who is young and attractive. Dehea has dark brown eyes that are expressive, as well as long curly brown hair.

Abraham’s height, weight, chest size, shoe size, waist size, hip size, and dress size have yet to be defined.

Dehea Abraham’s career began in what way?

Dehea Abraham is well-known as the partner of well-known rapper Llyod Polite Jr., although she hasn’t revealed her exact line of work to the media. Along with childhood friends Tony Yayo and 50 Cent from the East Coast Hip Hop group G-Unit, Dehea’s lover started his career.

Following the 2004 release of his solo album, The Hunger for More, Lloyd’s career quickly took off. He signed with EMI after being let go from his band, and on November 22, 2010, his second studio album, The Hunger for More 2, was released.

When did Dehea and Lloyd begin dating?

While Lloyd and Abraham have not revealed when they started dating, according to Dehea’s Instagram, the couple may have begun dating in 2015. 

Abraham tweeted a picture of herself posing with a guy who is sliced in half in the shot on August 17, 2015. The whole image was later found to be none other than Lloyd himself.

Then, on December 21, 2015, Abraham tweeted another photo of herself and Lloyd, but this time the tension between the two appeared to be the result of something more serious. Over the next several Ig posts, it became evident that the rapper and the animal activist had become a thing.

The couple has been together since then. They, on the other hand, have yet to announce their wedding. Abraham and Lloyd have three children and live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Porcelain and Caramel, Lloyd’s two songs, are about Abraham.

Abraham’s husband suffered from depression after the death of his sister.

Lloyd, Dehea’s partner, has already spoken out about his anxiety and despair, as well as his recovery after his younger sister’s death. The singer’s younger sister died when she was just a year old. Lloyd thinks the year was probably 1992/1993, although he never mentions it.

The rapper also claimed that “Lil Sis” is about him writing a letter to his late baby sister in which he tells her about his life.


Dehea Abraham, did she audition for America’s Next Top Model?

Back In April 2009, a group of aspiring models attended America’s Next Top Model tryouts in New York. Tyra Banks and the ANTM producers, according to reports, chose at least some of their applicants at private auditions, and the open cattle calls across the country were primarily merely publicity stunts, hinting that the audition was almost a fraud.

Several newcomers’ dreams were dashed; they genuinely believed they had a shot and had faith in the authenticity of the tryouts. One of the candidates, Amanda Almeida, received bruises and cuts on her knee, back, and hip. Almeida was injured as a result of an alleged fraudulent audition. Her mother blamed Tyra for her hospitalization and requested financial support from ANTM.

Dehea Abraham, who had traveled to New York from Georgia for the audition, was another unhappy applicant.

She stated that she had paid $240 for the airfare and $184 per night at the hotel, and her dream vanished in an instant. While the dust has settled on that, it is still uncertain whether the female from Georgia was indeed Lloyd’s girlfriend. Furthermore, Abraham has never publicly stated a desire to participate in such a show.

Gail Bean, an actress, is a friend of Abraham.

Gail Bean, an actress from Test Pattern in order Unexpected, Skin In The Game, and Paradise Lost, among others, is acquainted with Dehea Abraham, Lloyd’s girlfriend.

On her Instagram, Abraham has regularly mentioned Bean’s films. The actress has also conveyed her gratitude to the mother of two children.

Relationship Status and Disagreement

Dehea Abraham is in a relationship with a celebrity, Christopher Charles Lloyd, nicknamed Lloyd Banks. They’ve been dating for about a decade and try hard to keep a low profile.

Dehea appears to be engaged to Llyod since she was seen wearing a massive three-piece assembled Diamond ring, but they haven’t released any specifics about their relationship. They welcomed their first boy, River Polite, in September 2017, and their second girl, whose identity has yet to be revealed, in 2018. 

What is Dehea Abraham’s Net worth?

Since her famous partner hasn’t disclosed any information regarding Dehea Abraham’s employment or income, it is unknown how well she is paid. No dependable source has provided information about Dehea’s net worth.

Her lover, rapper, singer, musician, and N-Toon band member Llyod, is thought to have a net worth of $6 million. Christopher also earns money through branding, sponsorship, advertising, and commercials. A fortune that includes cars, homes, and other things is shared by Dehea and Llyod. 

6 Dehea Abraham Facts That Will Astound You!

  1. Llyod, her partner, is a well-known American rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor.
  2. When Dehea first started her career, she auditioned for runway models.
  3. Abraham is a vegetarian.
  4. Although she and Lloyd have been together for a long time, they have yet to exchange wedding vows.
  5. In September 2017, Abraham and Lloyd had their first child, a son named River Polite.
  6. Lloyd Polite was formerly married to Angela Simmons (2007 – 2008) and Ciara (2003 – 2004).


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