History of 14 feb Valentine’s Day during the Victorian Era

History of 14 feb Valentine’s Day during the Victorian Era

 History of 14 feb Valentine’s Day is a day that celebrates romance, love, and affection. It has been celebrated since the early 19th century. When it was originally named after Saint Valentine. Throughout history, the holiday has changed and evolved over time. The Victorians were no different in this regard they took their love for each other very seriously.

Why was Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Valentine’s Day was first celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church on February 14, the Feast of St. Valentine. He is traditionally identified as a Roman priest and martyr. Who was executed during the persecutions of Emperor Claudius II around AD 250?

He was known for his love for God and humanity. Which led many people to believe that he was a saint. However, no evidence exists supporting this claim. In any case, Saint Valentine did have an impact on history. Because it became associated with romantic love throughout Europe during medieval times. Before being adopted by Western culture in modern times.

What did people send to each other on Valentine’s Day in the Victorian era?

Valentine’s Day was a day when people sent cards, flowers and gifts to their loved ones. It was also a day when they sent cards, flowers and gifts to their friends.

In Victorian times people would also send messages via postcard or letter if they could afford it.

The tradition of sending greetings cards on Valentine’s Day can be traced back to the 15th century. When people would write love notes and leave them in the hat of a statue of Saint Valentine.

Who did they send it to?

For the Victorians, History of 14 feb Valentine’s Day was a day of love and affection. The holiday was celebrated with card-making, flowers and chocolate all things that can be used as symbols of love. It is believed that the tradition of sending Valentines originated from the old Roman custom of giving gifts on February 14th (Februarius).

In England during this time period. It was customary for young people to send their valentines to their parents so they could give them an early gift. This was done because they were not allowed to do so until after they had finished their exams at school or college. If you were caught giving out cards before then, it would mean severe punishment.

In addition to giving cards out individually within your circle of friends/family members (but not overdoing it). There were also certain occasions where everyone would gather together as well:

  • You could go out with friends after dinner on Valentine’s Day itself! If you did this then chances are pretty high that someone else might come along too – maybe even someone who has feelings for YOU!

How long did the tradition start ?

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of two lovers, and it has been around for a long time. The tradition started in the middle ages when people began sending each other Valentine’s cards and gifts. These were sometimes written by St. Valentine himself. But more often than not they were made by artists. Who drew pictures of hearts and flowers for their loved ones to give as presents.

St. Valentine’s Day was first celebrated in Rome (around 270 CE) then later spread throughout Europe before finally making its way over here.

In the United States, Valentine’s Day is celebrated everywhere from grade schools to nursing homes. There are many different traditions that people follow on this day. But the most common ones include sending cards, flowers and candy to their loved ones. Some people also get together for dinner or lunch with their special someone on February 14.

Read about the great way of expressing love.

The great way of expressing love was by sending a Valentine’s Day card. A person would write a short message on the back, then seal it with wax and send it to their loved one.

If you were in love with another person, the only way you could show your feelings was through writing a Valentine’s day letter or note.  ou were not married or engaged yet, then you had no option but to be creative about expressing your feelings!

If you didn’t have the means to buy a Valentine’s Day card, then it was up to you and your imagination to create a homemade message of love. You didn’t have a partner or spouse. Then there were no rules forbidding you from expressing yourself in this way.

You could write a note and pass it on to your crush, or you could even leave it on their doorstep. If you didn’t have the courage to do this in person. Then you could always mail them a note. The bottom line is that Valentine’s Day cards have only been around since the late 1800s.

How the Victorians Celebrated Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, romance and friendship. It is also a time to celebrate family. This holiday was created by the Victorians as a way to express their feelings towards their spouse or partner at this special day.

The Valentine’s Day celebration developed from an ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia which was celebrated on February 15th every year during the month of February (the same month that we celebrate Christmas). In ancient Rome, lupa (Latin) means “wolf” and therefore it was believed that these sacrifices were made to appease wolves so they wouldn’t kill anyone during this period.

The people of ancient Rome believed that the Lupercalia festival would ensure fertility and increase their chances of having children. Romans celebrated this day by running naked through the streets whipping young women with strips cut from goatskin; they thought that this practice would protect them from evil spirits.


We hope you enjoyed reading about the History of 14 feb Valentine’s Day during the Victorian era. We know it may be hard to believe, but this holiday has been around for hundreds of years! It started as a way for people to express their love for each other, but over time it became even more popular and spread throughout all parts of society. Today we still celebrate this special day on February 14th by sending cards or flowers to loved ones – something which wouldn’t have happened without those first few brave souls who started it all centuries ago!


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