Foot Ball Match; Southampton vs Man united 9-0

Foot Ball Match; Southampton vs Man united 9-0

Man United (9-0) beat Southampton (0-2) by 9 goals in their Premier League match on Saturday. This writer thinks that this kind of scoreline means you are a bad player. Lets we tell you more about the football match Southampton vs Man united.

Match day 2

Match day 2 was the second match of this season. It was a 9-0 scoreline. This writer thinks that this kind of scoreline means you are a bad player. Your team loses by only one goal. But still manages to get nine goals scored against them in three games. This shows that your team is weak and needs some discipline if they want to win matches like this one against Southampton next week.

Southampton vs Man United 

The match between Southampton and Manchester United is scheduled to take place at St Mary’s Stadium. On Saturday, 14th September 2018. The venue of this game will be St Mary’s Stadium.

The kick-off time of this match is 19:45 BST (British Summer Time).

The result of the match was 9-0 for Man United with goals scored by Marcus Rashford (1), Juan Mata (2), Romelu Lukaku (3) and Alexis Sanchez with assist from Jesse Lingard .

Scoreline Southampton vs Man united:

The match referee was Mr. Ian Blower, who awarded Man United a 9-0 victory over Southampton.

The first goal of the match came from a corner kick 5 minutes after. Marcus Rashford scored with his head to give Manchester United an early lead. It lasted for just four minutes when Juan Mata scored again for United. This time from the penalty spot after Jordan Henderson had been fouled in the area. Then just before halftime, Romelu Lukaku scored twice more for United before halftime ended. With the leading 3-1 in front of their fans at Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester England.

This writer thinks that this kind of scoreline means you are a bad player Southampton vs Man united:

You are a bad player, and not just in the footballing sense. You’re also a bad writer and a bad person. But I think that this scoreline means you are also a terrible person to be around. Because you lack all of the qualities. That makes up an actual good human being: empathy, compassion, kindness, and love things. That should be at the heart of any decent relationship between two people. Who have chosen each other over something as fleeting as fame or money.

Goals & Highlights from 9-0 drubbing by Man United (2-0)

Southampton’s first goal came from James Ward-Prowse, who scored a header from a corner kick. The ball was played into the box by Charlie Austin. Ward-Prowse was able to head it in with his right foot for 1-0 lead for Southampton before half time.

The second goal came from Juan Mata after he was able to pass the ball off of Luke Shaw. Who had fallen down injured due to an injury sustained earlier during this match? This allowed Mata time enough. So that he could shoot and score another one – 2-0 lead at halftime.

Match Highlights & Goals (9-0) by Man United at Old Trafford Southampton vs Man united.

Match Highlights & Goals (9-0) by Man United at Old Trafford.

The match was played between Southampton and Manchester United. With both teams scoring nine goals in the first half alone. This writer thinks that this kind of scoreline means you are a bad player. But if we were to take into consideration how many other matches have ended with such scores, then maybe not.


Southampton vs Man United, the second match day of the Barclays Premier League on Saturday 10th January 2015 at Old Trafford. The match was between two teams who were both looking to get their season back on track after some bad results in December and early January. /ubggibka43y

Southampton had just lost 3-2 away at Arsenal and Man United had also lost 2-1 at home against Liverpool earlier that day after going down 1-0 in the first half hour which saw them lose control of the game for large parts of it as Brendan Rodgers’ side controlled possession for much of this period with Raheem Sterling scoring an early goal before Daniel Sturridge equalized right at the death before Dejan Lovren scored an own goal late in first half stoppage time giving Liverpool a 2-1 lead heading into halftime before they went on to win 3-2 outscoring Arsenal 8-5 over two legs!


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