Fifa world cup in Qatar

Fifa world cup in Qatar

It would be an understatement to say that the 2022 fifa World Cup in Qatar has not been universally welcomed.

From the heat to Fifa world cup in Qatar questionable human rights record to the proposed switch. From the promised summer tournament to a winter tournament. It would not be surprising if FIFA changed its mind. The tournament was pulled from the Gulf state.

Should they, though?After all, the tournament was decided by a free election of FIFA delegates. They chose the location. So changing their minds and allowing another country to compete would be a huge U-turn..

There are, however, a number of compelling reasons. Why the tournament should be relocated from Qatar to a more deserving country.

Bleacher Report selects six arguments for the 2022 election.

The Temperature

When a heatwave hits a Western country unaccustomed to such temperatures. An enterprising TV news crew will almost always try to fry an egg on a car bonnet, or even the pavement.

If they try that in Fifa world cup in Qatar, they could open a cafe selling fried egg sandwiches to passing Brits. Because the heat, as you already know, will be unbearable.

The Qatari bid for the tournament included all sorts of crazy ideas. Including air conditioning for the grounds and floating’solar clouds’ to shade the pitch. According to The Daily Mail, These proved unworkable. So if the tournament is to be played at the traditional, promised time of year. It will be in heat that averages 105 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Al Jazeera.

The consequences of forcing people to play sports in such conditions should be obvious. But for an example of what could happen, consider the Australian Open this year. When play was called off on several occasions. 

Unlike in tennis FIFA does not have a policy in place for extreme weather conditions at its tournaments. Instead advising players to drink plenty of water. Unfortunately, they did not impart the wise advice that players should probably breathe in. And out if they wanted to keep running around.

Some may argue that World Cups have previously been played in extreme heat.  They have, not least in Mexico and various South American countries. However, the game has become so much faster. More athletic in recent years that this type of heat is simply dangerous.

European Leagues are being disrupted.

To address the heat issue, it appears that the tournament will be moved to the winter. When temperatures will be much more manageable.

Of course, this creates a number of issues, not the least of. Which is that the European leagues will have a two-month break in the middle of their season.

Some have reasonably argued that because not all of the countries involved have an August-May season. The disruption will only affect a few large and powerful teams, who should stop whining.

However, the majority of the players will be from European clubs. UEFA is by far the most well-represented confederation at the tournament. With 13 of the 32 European nations represented. Many players from other countries have a chance to shine.


This is a country with no real football history. So it is hardly surprising that there is currently no real infrastructure capable of hosting a World Cup-sized event.

The stadiums, hotels, and other infrastructure required will cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of $220 billion according to ESPN. In comparison, South Africa’s preparations for the 2010 World Cup cost $3.5 billion.

Consider for a moment what that money could be better spent on. It’s essentially a pointless exercise because it’s unlikely. That if Qatar loses the World Cup tomorrow, $220 billion will suddenly be spent on grassroots football. Donated to charity, but it still appears to be a heinous waste of money.

It Is Doable

All of the preceding five arguments are theoretical. Nothing will or can happen without Fifa world cup in Qatar intervention. But they do have the ability to relocate the World Cup.

There is still time to act. With only eight years left, a country with more established infrastructure can take over with minimal fuss. Eradicating all of the other issues listed in this article.

The decision could be made at the FIFA Congress. Which is scheduled for next year.Of course, it’s unlikely. But it’s not impossible.


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