Does SWAT arrest a man after an hours-long standoff at Caesars Palace?

Does SWAT arrest a man after an hours-long standoff at Caesars Palace?


Los Angeles After an hour-long standoff in a room at the Caesars Palace resort on the Las Vegas Strip. A man was detaine. and a woman allegedly acting as his hostage was released uninjured, according to police.

Police would not immediately confirm whether the man taken into custody was Arme. When the incident occurred in a high-rise tower of the renowned Las Vegas Boulevard complex. Because there are no casualties recorded. Visitors in the swimming pool area below were startle. When furniture, couches, and other items fell from a window on the 21st level.

“The subject is now in police custody. The female is with officers right now, the department stated in posts made Tuesday afternoon. According to Officer Aden Ocampo Gomez, the woman didn’t seem hurt.

According to Las Vegas police Capt. Stephen Connell:

According to Las Vegas police Capt. Stephen Connell, the standoff began at 9:15 a.m. with a report from hotel security that a man and woman were arguing and that the male had dragged the lady into a room “by force.”

Connell said it was unclear whether the individual was arme when police SWAT officers guarded the corridor outside the room.

During the incident, Connell tell reporters that the woman believe to be keep captive “has been hear from,” and that she is “still OK.”

Detailed discussion:

Visitors heard glass breaking outside and observed draperies billowing from a broken window about two-thirds up the 29-story Palace Tower. One of Caesars Palace’s six towers, which is a recognizable and significant landmark on the Las Vegas Strip. The resort offers close to 4,000 rooms.

On her first day of vacation from Appleton, Wisconsin, Emma Snyder claimed she was near a resort swimming pool when she heard three loud bangs and noticed falling glass. She remarked that it appeared to glitter.

People were simply gazing skyward, she claimed.

Beverly Blackwell of Chattanooga, Tennessee, was lounging by a pool with her husband, Chris, when she heard glass break and saw curtains flutter from the broken window.

“When we saw the window shatter it was kind of a surreal feeling, it got pretty scary,” Blackwell said. “We were told to gather our stuff and rush out the back.”

Snyder and Blackwell both told The Associated Press that they suspected a shooter or an attack. Staff called for everyone to leave the pool area.

Snyder stated that several people hid behind a stairway while goods such as a coffee maker, a hair dryer, and a desk bureau flew out the window.

According to Blackwell, after 30 minutes, they tell they may return to their rooms.

According to Associated Press reporter John Marshall. Who was on vacation with his family in a hotel on the fifth floor of the Palace Tower? Broken glass and furniture fell sporadically for approximately an hour.

Marshall and his family:

he and his family were informed by hotel staff that the event only affect the 21st floor and that there was no need to evacuate or restrict movement for guests on lower floors.

Marshall declared, “In the casino, it’s business as usual,” despite the fact that police and hotel security personnel could be seen in the guest valet area.

There have been no recent reports of injuries to anyone in the pool area, according to Ocampo Gomez, a spokesman for the Las Vegas police department.

Marshall stated that he and his family received no immediate information from the hotel about what was going on, but that they remained in their room as a precaution. He stated that hotel housekeeping employees were still working in adjoining rooms.

Casino’s owner:

Dayna Calkins, a representative for the casino’s owner, Caesars Entertainment. Describe the standoff as “a security incident inside a guest room” that had been resolve. The statement commended Las Vegas police officers as well as the company’s “security and armed response teams.”Dayna Calkins, a representative for the casino’s owner, Caesars Entertainment. Described the standoff as “a security incident inside a guest room” that had been resolve. 

The company’s “security and arme response teams” and Las Vegas police were praised in the statement.


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