5 Leather Backpack animal hide and Care Tips – 2023 Guide

5 Leather Backpack animal hide and Care Tips – 2023 Guide

For thousands of years, leather has been used for clothes, accessories, luggage, and various souvenirs. We still use it for the same purposes now. Although, nowadays, it is more about the material’s looks, quality, and longevity. This is most likely why leather backpacks, animal hide and other things are much more expensive. So, if you’ve spent a significant amount of money on such a device, you should take good care of it and maintain it as much as possible. Longevity is comparable to maintenance.

Unfortunately, it seems that not many people are aware of how crucial leather rucksack maintenance is. They think it is equivalent to purchasing a bag made of any other material. That is not at all the case. Maintaining leather consistently and frequently is essential, especially if you want it to survive for many years.

In fact, some goods can live up to 20 years if they are properly maintained. That explains why so many used cars that are 10 or twenty years old still have interiors that are in like-new condition. The leather interior has been well-maintained by the owner.

Do not consider this type of maintenance to be difficult in any way. You will realize how simple it is to maintain things made of animal hide after reading this article.

1. Keep it out of direct sunlight:

This is possibly the most common error individuals make when purchasing products made from animal hide. Yes, leather is incredibly robust and can last for years, but it is not indestructible. It has both advantages and disadvantages. It is critical to recognize those flaws in order to sustain them.

The sun, or more specifically, direct sunlight, is a serious vulnerability. Leaving it out in the sun may result in irrevocable permanent harm. Consider it this way. Your skin would burn if you went out in the sun without wearing sunscreen. The same is true for animal hides. The only issue is that it cannot regenerate as quickly as your skin.

Naturally, if you opt to carry your rucksack outside for longer periods of time, nothing will happen to it. Just keep it out of direct sunlight when you store it.

2. weakness brought on by the heat

The UV rays and heat are to blame for not letting your leather rucksack sit in the middle of the sun. In other words, you should also exercise caution around excessive heat. Therefore, you should never use heat to dry it if it ever becomes wet. Avoid leaving it too close to anything that produces excessive heat. Don’t dry it using a dryer. Do not attempt to dry it with your air conditioner or a space heater.

You will need to exercise patience and wait it out. Heat can absolutely deteriorate an animal’s hide, although water cannot.

Keep in mind that some products manufactured with strong genuine leather, such as those available at Cowboysbag, may be far more resistant to both sunshine and heat.

3. Organise your bag

Simply cleaning your leather clothing, accessories, and other possessions is one of the nicest things you can do for them. Yes, it really is that easy. Any type of particle, including dirt and dust, has the potential to harm your rucksack.

Because of this, the majority of professionals advise that you clean it at least once every day. Of course, only if you have been utilizing it. If it stays in your wardrobe for a few days, it won’t gather any dust or filth.

If you do decide to develop the habit of routine cleaning, be sure to avoid using any chemicals. The original appearance of animal hides should be preserved. 

To remove dirt or stains, no harsh chemicals are required. All you need is a basic microfiber cloth and some water.

Avoid using too much pressure when wiping. The majority of stains can be eliminated with soft swipes.

4. Employ the conditioner.

Animal hide’s biggest drawback is its propensity to rapidly dry up over time. Actually, there is no way to stop this process from ever occurring. It is inevitable and natural to occur. The process can still be slowed down even though it cannot be halted, as opposed to the opposite.

Your leather rucksack may be kept sufficiently moisturized with the correct conditioner to maintain its original, flawless condition for years.

Exactly how much you need to apply on your rucksack depends on how much you’ll use it. 

If you use the back as your primary vehicle and take it everywhere with you, you might need to use a conditioner at least once every two months. If not, once or twice a year will be plenty.

Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe the conditioner onto the bag’s surface once more. Avoid applying excessive pressure.

5. Spray or wax for waterproofing

Leather is widely renowned for its water resistance. It absorbs water slowly and can dry out fast under the correct conditions. Wearing leather animal hide may be problematic for persons who live in humid and wet climates. It is especially difficult for backpacks. So, what are your options? Fortunately, you may boost the water resistance of your bag by using waterproofing wax or spray. Keep in mind that sprays are usually less expensive and easier to apply, but they last much shorter and are less effective. I propose using waterproofing wax if you want a longer-lasting effect. Such wax will be far more effective and will endure the entire rainy season.

I hope that this post has cleared some things up for you and that you can now properly maintain and care for your leather bag.


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